Photography by Fin Costello

As an expert martial artist and European Champion Fay brought together her passion for martial arts with her love of music. She was invited to perform and compose the theme music for ‘GIKO Martial Arts Extravaganza’.

Fay has composed and produced albums ranging from the sublimely tranquil instrumentals of ‘Kokoro,’ to the heavy rock and pop influenced album of ‘Head in the Clouds’.

Fay Goodman is a musician that could never be accused of standing still. From the classically influenced to the tranquil beauty to the rock and the pop, Fay’s unique ability to be able to cross the musical boundaries is a rare gift amongst musicians of today.

Fay’s musical career began with classical training, composing at the age of 6yrs and performing on stage at the age of 12yrs. This classical training introduced Fay to music at an early age and provided the foundation of her life long commitment to the production of inspirational composition and thought provoking lyrics. Branching out from the world of classically trained and into the world of pop music, composing and producing her own particular style of ‘pop music with oriental flavour’, Fay quickly achieved a top ten hit in France with ‘China Doll’ in 1982, frontlining her first band ‘China Doll’. Performing at Peter Stringfellow’s Hippodrome she was subsequently snapped up by EMI and given a recording contract.

As a composer, lyricist and performer Fay continues to indulge her passion for all good musical genre, borne out of her ability as a unique all encompassing musician. Her latest album is different yet again, as she performs with backings from guitar, saxophone and violin. However as with all Fay’s albums her natural ability as a musician is ever present. Her passion for all good music continues to be her inspiration, fuelling her drive and motivation as she ‘blazes a trail for originality’ in music, and it is this ability to interplay all types of musical

Philip Spalding, Fay Goodman, Rick Wakeman, Louie  Nicastro

Our Latest Album


Fay – vocals/guitar/keyboards
Rick Wakeman – keyboards
Philip Spalding – bass/guitar/backing vocals
Martin Lucas (The Celturian) – guitar
Hughie Thomas – Clarinet/saxophone
Anna Jenkins – violin
Louie Nicastro – percussion/keyboards

Co-production Philip Spalding and Louie Nicastro
Engineering/mastering – Louie Nicastro
Produced by Fay Goodman


Fay – Vocals/keyboards
Rick Wakeman – piano
Mark Wolski – keyboards
Paul Farrer – keyboards
Brian Willoughby – guitar
Jean-Jasques Burnel (JJ) – bass
Philip Spalding – backing vocals
Toni Iommi – backing vocals
Dave Lambert (The Strawbs) – guitars
Joji Hirota – kodo drum and percussion
Dave Paton – bass
Ian Bairnson – electric guitar
Stuart Elliot – drums/percussion
Gordon Giltrap – acoustic guitar
Richard Cottle – keyboards/clarinet
Ladonnia Kezia – vocals
Hughie Thomas – saxophone

Kites – Simon Dupree and the Big Sound
Nights in White Satin – Moody Blues

Engineering/mastering: Louie Nicastro
Produced by Fay Goodman


Fay Goodman – vocals/piano/acoustic guitar
Mark Wolski – Keyboards/percussion
Paul Farrer – Keyboards/engineering
Gordon Giltrap – Electric guitar
Sachika Taniyama – violin

Produced by Fay Goodman


All instruments performed by Fay Goodman and Paul Farrer

 – Videos –

China Doll China Doll

China Doll was the band’s first single of the same name, released on Graduate Records and sub-licensed to EMI. It reached Top Ten in France.

Hippodrome London Spellbound

Live at London’s prestigious Hippodrome with highlights Kites and Spellbound

Hippodrome London Kites

Live at London’s prestigious Hippodrome with highlights Kites (cover version Simon Dupree and the Big Sound).

China Doll Turkish Delight

EMI single Turkish Delight released same week as David’s Bowie’s China Girl and on same official release notice. It was on the top 3 radio playlists nationally. Central TV filmed Fay at the Botanical Gardens.

China Doll Where Can I Hide

“Where Can I Hide” was one of Fay’s first songs composed on her guitar displaying her folk roots. Here she dances and sings at the Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham.

United Rhythms Sword & Tabla

Mendi Singh – exceptionaly talented tabla player (Peter Gabriel, Take That) and Fay Goodman 7th dan Iaido Renshi in experimental colaboration merging art of music and martial arts.

Fay I Know I Have a Heart

I Know I Have a Heart album was recorded at the Strangler’s Studio with their producer Louie Nicastro, Rick Wakeman and Phil Spalding. It was a wonderful recording session full of Rick’s Jokes, Louie’s quick wit and Phil’s comical antics.